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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 paper pale surprise.
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a local couple's live changed another pope francis kissed their ailing baby. we have update on little gianna's health plus what the pontiff sent the family that they never expected. also, an alligator in custody. where new jersey officials spend every found this reptile and how they think it got there. but first, a gruesome discovery. police say an elderly man was killed inside his southwest philadelphia home who they think may be responsible. good evening, omega's dean. >> i'm ukee washington. neighbors are shaken up by the death of the 77-year-old man. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at police headquarters with where the investigation stands tonight. trang? >> reporter: jessica, no arrest in this violent crime that has neighbors rattled. police believe up to three juveniles may be responsible for this man's death. well being check led to grim discovery on the 6300 block of theodore street in southwest philadelphia.
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>> officers found her 77-year-old neighbor dead in his living room with head trauma. his son called police after not hearing from his father since friday. someone broke into the man's home twice thick weekend. >> there may have been an incident where he got beat up by kids in the neighbor monday morning the kids broke into the house. assaulted him, injured him, killed him. >> james jackson lives next do door. he heard a loud noise around 1:30 a.m. monday but didn't think anything of it. >> i heard a bang and that's it. but officers and firefighters left after the man didn't answer the door. >> banging on the door. they were look through the window. kept banging, banging, banging. went around the back. came back. they were there a little while longer. >> his body wasn't diss covered until the next day.
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>> somebody needs needed to the right thing. >> witnesses saw three males leave the house from the front door and locking it behind them. police say the man's work van is still missing for now we're live from police headquarters, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness new news". >> thank you trang. philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who they say beat his wife and then sexually assaulted his 13-year-old step daughter. "eyewitness news" on pratt street in frankford early this morning police say 39-year-old malik bailey attacked his 38-year-old wife before sexually assaulting his step daughter much police say there is no known history of domestic abuse at the home and that bailey has only minor previous criminal arrests. bailey's wife was taken to the hospital in critical condition. a woman's body is found in a chester county pond tied a cinder block and police are now working to figure out who that woman is. chopper three was over the pond in east coventry the body discovered floating on the surface of the water yesterday morning.
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prosecutors say the woman was already dead when she was put into the pond. authorities are hoping jewelry and tattoos will help them determine the victim's identity. >> doctors say a baby with a birth defect linked to the zika virus was born at hackensack melter center in new jersey today. the child has microcephaly an abnormally small brain. the mother from honduras and contracted the mosquito born illness there. the world health organization reported that the zika virus lingers in the body longer than first thought. it's now urging people returning from areas where zika is found to practice safe sex or abstain for at least eight weeks, not four recommended prely. a philadelphia family is honored with a special surprise by pope francis himself. >> this comes almost a year after he changed their life with a simple kiss. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on the holy gift they never expect. >> reporter: it's been call the miracle on market street.
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a little girl from philadelphia kissed on the head by pope francis. that girl gianna, continues to fight a rare inoperable brain tumor her parents discover it just a few week after show was born. that kiss meant more to my family than anyone could ever imagine. >> reporter: little jianne in' future was uncertain when she was born in september 2014. every day kristin and i took 15 steps. that's the distance from our bed to her crib not knowing what we would find. >> little gianna continues to make major strides. and we followed her along the way. she starting to talk, walk and she's full of energy. she joined her mom, dad and brother dominic for a special ceremony in philadelphia honoring her older brother as he was sworn in as a special deputy u.s. marshall for the day. he idolizes those who carry a badge. >> always going to do the right thing. i will. >> i will. >> the family has had a special relationship with law enforcement. fbi agents helped them meet pope francis that sunday last
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september. fbi special agent don as per scene here helped make it all possible. by getting the pope's attention. >> no one there on the street new anything was wrong with gianna. they didn't know her condition. the pope certainly didn't know she had an inn op feral brain tumor. >> that's what mazes people. the pope not knowing anything about her story felt compelled to stop and kiss gianna just centimeters away from the tumor. after dominic received his opinion from u.s. martial david web the family got another surprise from fbi specialist in charge william sweeney. >> if you can't see it this photo is signed by the holy father. oh, my god, thank you so much. >> a man known to be simple signed a small simple francisco on the bot testimony tom right corner. pope francis not only knows about gianna but asks about her and continues to receive updates on her progress. >> i know he knows about her and that he's asking about her and
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he's praying for her and continuing to pray for her. it's amazing. >> jianne knee is currently finishing another round of chemotherapy. she has doctors at chop and houston texas i've talk with some of her doctors they're optimistic about her future. the family has a foundation it set up in her name to helping families under going similar circumstances. she continues to defy the odds. >> the story over the months has been mazing. >> it's incredible. very inspirational. >> please keep us update. >> i will. >> david, thank. >> in campaign 2016 donald trump is sparring again with the media after months of questioning, trump finally released a full list of donations he gave to veterans groups. the presumptive republican nominee raised nearly sick million dollars during an event ahead of this year's iowa caucuses. trump slammed reporters who have been pressing him about the donations and personally attacked one reporter. >> everyone who got it, who got it, had got it, and you make me
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look very bad. please, you're a sleeze. you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> meantime, democratics hillary clinton and bernie sanders are rallying supporters ahead of the june 7th primaries in new jersey and california. clinton is canceled campaign event in mercer county scheduled for thursday and said she will travel to california where sander social security gaining momentum. the national men basketball champion villanova wildcats received the white house welcome today as the present of the united states honored them. >> sports director don bell is here now with more on what this day meant to the wildcats. >> whose got it better than villanova. >> right. >> nobody. >> nobody is the answer. epic ride for the villanova wildcats first title since 1985. parade on market street and now meeting with prob's most well-known fan, lesley van arsdall has more from the white house. welcome to the white house. and i guess it is the blue and white house today because we're giving it up for the 2016ncaa
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champion villanova while cats! >> reporter: villanova's visit to the white house comes two months after they won their national fire on a buzzer beater delivered by kris jenkins. what way to wrap up their victory store with a send off from the commander in chief. >> we have the best dressed man in college basketball. (applause). >> the george clooney of coach coaches. (laughter). >> dave wright. coming from him he's smooth. i was very flattered and humbled. so it was -- it was nice. it was nice he would even know they joke about that. >> you can add the president to the list of people who have a tough time pronounce ryan arcidiacono's name. >> then there's ryan arcidiaco arcidiacono. now, i just sped through that in case i didn't say it right. (laughter).
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>> it's not every day the president of the united states miss pronounces your name. that's something i'll remember for the rest of my live report roar for this group it's more than a meet and greet with the president. this is a storybook ending to a magical season. >> this is something you always see every year, you dream about it, kind of going through it, loss of words. real feeling to be able to do this with my brothers. >> the this is the last time this group will be together as team. memories of this great ride will live on forever. reporting from the white house lesley van arsdall "eyewitness sports". >> lesley thank you. the 44th president with wildcat jersey with the number 44. they wore the uniforms last year when they played at pearl harbor in obama's home state of hawaii. also want let you know the wildcats with the ultimate drop the mic moment at the white house as they cap their trip in d.c. with something spectacular. you want to see this later on in
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sports. >> drop the mic, i'll be here. see you when you get back. >> it happened to all of us and there's little we can do to stop it. in you know the moment when we all might be become embarrassed and our faces turn different shades of red. why do we blush. good question. nicole brewer finds out the science behind this common reaction. kate. >> beautiful day today. even though temperatures were about 10 degrees above average. humidity dropped. it was sunny and now it's turning more seasonal as high pressure sits overhead. how long does this quiet pattern last? i'll have your full forecast coming up. also ahead at 11:00, zoo safety. this incident involving a little boy and gorilla at the cincinnati zoo has a lot people talking. what the philadelphia zoo is doing to protect both the visitors and the animal. >> a gator in the garden state where police found the reptile and how they think it got there. be right
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪
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prosecutors now say criminal charges are possible in the weekend shooting of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> on saturday zoo officials fatally shot the endangered gorilla named harambe to protect a three-year-old boy who got into the animal's exhibit. the parents could be child with child neglect. detectives are investigating the events leading up to the shooting animal rights active visit say the zoo should be fined. >> here at home the philadelphia zoo is insuring visitors that exhibit safety is their one priority. barriers have measure on them so children cannot get through. philadelphia zoo officials believe the cincinnati zoo handled the situation well and say they are ready for everything. >> we have a gun trained team in an emergency situation like that where human life is immediate and serious risk that at the end of the day we're prepared to respond in the same way. >> the philadelphia zoo also says workers will receive additional training.
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this alligator was found by two police officers in a lake at maple lake campground in jacks jackson, new jersey. it was rocks toll feet in length. hit the potential to grow to 11 feet. authorities believe a resident in that area had it as a pet and then released it into the lake once it grew too big. state wildlife officials will determine what will be done with that alligator now. one thing for sure that alligator was not blurbin blurbd police officers captured it in fact human beings are the only animals that do blurb. >> there's no controlling it and that bring to us tonight's good question. why do our cheek turn shades of road when we're embarrassed. nicole brewer joins us now with the answer. >> trying not to blurb of cour course. >> easy and jess, i believe it's mark twain who once said, man is the only animal that blurbs or needs to charles darwin who called blurbing the met peculiar and most human of all expressions. barbara was also kind of curious. she wrote in to ask, why do we blush? it's a good question,
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barbara. let's find out. ♪ >> when you're embarrassed about something, what happens. >> turn red. >> we all know what make us blush. why do we do it? >> why do you think that happe happens? >> blood pressure elevates. >> blood rushing to your face. >> panic mode. >> why do we blush? >> one word that sounds like two, daze so dilation. >> dr. rob danoff is family physician with aria health systems he says the body reacts emotional stress by activating fight or flight response. one of the functions of the sympathetic service system. good our heart rate increases. our pupils get wide and the arteries expand a little bit to allow more blood with oxen to go to wherever it needs to good because the skin on our cheeks is thin you can see the widening of the capillaries and increase in blood flow all over our face. >> you're not supposed to hold your breath when you're lifting
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weights because you'll vase so dilate. >> wouldn't it be nice if we can control it. >> absolutely. >> that would be nice. although blurbing is involuntary response some say taking a deep breath and putting your shoulders down will help. if that doesn't work, consider the research to shows people who blurb easily are more generous, trustworthy and virtuous than those who don't and one study even suggests the show of vulnerability the blurbing could help you on date and even during a business deal. >> more human effect. >> shows you're real. >> if i start blurbing, i get so embarrassed it gets even worse. >> right. >> you feel the heat on your cheek. >> you do. >> you're like ahhh! >> good stuff. >> what is your good question. log on to question to let us know and tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> whether she's blurbing or not nicole will be here every night with the answer at 11:00.
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wildwood offering incentive to take part in their beach cleanup day next month. crowds left a 15-mile stretch of the beach a mess with trash over the monthly day weekend. all cleaned up now but city officials are determined to keep that from happening again. volunteers who registered to take part in the beach cleanup on june 11th will get free passes to see an advanced screening of finding dory. that's sequel to nemo. >> a lot of people looking forward to. a lot of people looking forward to the days where it is warm outside. it does feel like going down to the shore. >> our normal high is 78 degrees. when you get into that range, that's the average you won't go that far below it. that means the warm air is here. >> it's here to stay for couple of weeks. that is good news. of course, we do still have shower and thunderstorm concerns as we head into the summer months. but temperature wise, we are on our way up after a soggy and cool may. finished may on a nice note today and seasonal weather to look forward to this week.
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take a look outside. we do still have fog to talk about you can see it starting to pick up down the shore life look at the ocean city boardwalk. which is pretty quiet at this hour. still kind of the off season still early for the shore trip although now is good time to go. not again great to swim in the ocean water only about 60 degrees but not all that crowded this week. now that the memorial day crowds is cleared out. live look at the beach patrol headquarters, time lapse video shows the fog and low clouds around think morning the cun came out quickly much you can see people setting up camp almost had the beach all to themselves today. then the shadows lengthen as the sun sets. the temperature in margate right now is 53 degrees. storm scan3 clear for the moment. you can see still some showers lurking but still that remnant of circulation from what was tropical storm bonnie now that system is pretty much dead still is has a hugh showers associated with it and as we head back to the west, we are going to start to see a shower moving in along a cold front on friday for the time being everything is pretty quiet in our area.
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can't rule out patchy fog overnight. but that's really our only threat to talk about. 74 degrees still at the airport. it's 74 in lancaster. a warm 73 in dover. and 68 in wildwood a little steamier than earlier today. dew points briefly dropped into the 40s. it felt great this afternoon even as we rose to high of 88 degrees. we'll start cooling down through the week. tomorrow is about 5 degrees cooler than today. then we're about another 5 degrees cooler on thursday. and yet cooler on friday as temperatures head to the mid 70s. with our next chance for showers and storms. tomorrow mostly sunny and nice. there's enough moisture off to the south few little sprinkles could try to rotate in the afternoon i don't think it's a big deal most of us will stay dry and thursday partly to movely sunny as well these clouds will start to move in thursday night. and friday we'll have the threat for showers and up that storm. here's what this looks like again notice overnight we've got clear skies that will continue into tomorrow. here's 11am. nothing but sunshine but notice just one or two stray showers tries to pop up here wednesday afternoon or evening.
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something to keep in mind. thursday starts off with a lot of sun. mew for clouds in the afternoon most of the day is fine and those showers do start to push in or at least threaten the area late thursday night into friday. your shore forecast looks good for the next few days temperatures in the low 70s. we'll see sunshine both wednesday and thursday. friday bring better chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. so your overnight outlook mainly clear, it's mild, 65 degrees. tomorrow mostly sunny begun can't rule out that stray shower. don't be shocked if you see it most of won't see anything at all the high 82 degrees for your wednesday just a few degrees cooler than today. thursday more seasonal, upper 70s, partly so mostly sunny. friday watch for showers and storms. saturday looks nice. maybe not the sunny yesterday day ever but a mix of sun and clouds. 80. sunday afternoon another chance for afternoon and evening showers and storms but temperature why it's pretty seasonal. nothing all that wet for all that chilly in the forecast. >> two thumbs up. >> love that. >> that's a win. >> don is back with more sports.
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>> yes. >> winning with the forecast maybe not so much the baseball field. clear skies in south philly but the forecast calls for changely don't miss the play that made it an embarrassing night for the phillies. their matchup against the nationals next in sports.
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welcome back. reigning national league mvp bryce harper said murphy is carrying the nationals. he's batting .395 the best average in the big. the phillies trying to avoid this wrath at the bank. phanatic cloudy dusty baker he gets the last laugh. jason werth the former phillie facing aaron nola. deep left field and get up and get gone. one to nothing nats.
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game tied now in the sixth. daniel murphy having an epic season. as we said before. hurting the phil he's once again. nola goes six innings allows two runs. not too bad the phil he's trail by one. top of the ninth nats up four four-one. this is the play we were talking about before the break. long fly ball. herrara can't make the grab and the ball is rolling and rolling so is rolling on the base path inside the park homerun the phillies lose five-one a season high five game losing streak. all right. on to the nfl eagles continuing their organized team activities. quarterbacks only chase daniels notice the new offense he came to philly along with head coach doug pederson. but for carson wentz and sam bradford school is very much in session. this is a fifth different offense bradford had to learn in seven years. right away, he notice as difference between this one and chip kelly's. >> last year, it was very
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repetitive in practice. you would see the same plays get to run those place multiple times. whereas this year, you know, we've got big playbook, and you might get one rep of a play, you know, that week and that's it. >> that is a clean haircut. meanwhile former eagles walter thurman is retiring at 28 years old. he malcolm jenkins formed one of the better safety tandems in the team last season. played all 16 games. he was free agent before decide to go call it quits. villanova wildcats great day here's how they celebrated their trip to the white house to meet the president with the running man challenge. >> let's just say this. some people have better moves than others. >> that is the ultimate walk o off. >> jessica dean. your analysis -- >> i like it. >> swag on top of swag. ukee.
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>> i'm digging it. >> i've got to learn it now. >> you can do that. >> you can do it. >> that's defendant running man than i used to go back in the day. >> that looks like the roger rabbit. >> that, too. >> up next, why local students are being honored as
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honoring champions of change. >> "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia district attorney' office. districdistrict seth williams
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recognizing 65 students as part of his anti bullying campaign many students were honored for pro potting positive school environments and taking a stance against bullying. way to go. we'll be right back. ♪
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am. for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late late show with stephen colbert is next.
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>> thanks for watching. sleep >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: hey liz! >> hi, how are you? got a minute? >> stephen: good, yeah, sure. >> for the reporter cold open, are you talking about a chicken and a cow, or are you guys dressing up like a chicken and a cow? >> stephen: what, in the dressing room? >> yeah, so is it going to be-- are you going to do the whole thing there? sorry. excuse me. one second. sorry. stephen? stephen? seriously? ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight, stephen welcomes bill o'reilly! morris chestnut! and a musical performance by deerhunter! featuring jon batiste and stay human! and now it's time for "the late show" with ste


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